Blazing changes in the National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill

24 April 2024 177
In early April 2024, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill.  

It is important for the public at large, and more specifically, Organs of State and Municipalities, to take heed of this important amendment. 

The obvious question that comes to mind is, “What’s new in the National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill?".

The bill seeks to amend the National Veld and Forest Fire Act, 1998, by amending and/or including certain definitions, to extend powers of entry, search, seizure, and arrest to certain officers. The key provisions in our view, which need to be specifically taken note of, are inter alia, the following: 

  • The Bill seeks to amend the title of the Act to “the National Veldfire Act”.  
  • The Bill makes provision for the facilitation of the formation of fire protection associations by a Municipality and/or Traditional Council. And, 
  • The Bill compels a Municipality, State-Owned Enterprise, Public Entity and/or other Organs of State, which owns land, to join the fire protection associations.  
In conclusion, staying informed about the latest amendments is crucial for all stakeholders, especially those involved in managing veld and forest areas. If you're seeking expert guidance and support in navigating these changes and ensuring compliance, look no further! Our team of fire management specialists is here to help you blaze a trail towards safer, more resilient landscapes.

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