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We employ the finest professionals, encourage the development of current employees, and establish a sense of purpose to achieve holistic performance among our team.

We involve ourselves in creating, building and delivering for our clients.

Staff Testimonials

I am appreciative for the pleasant working environment, and the ongoing kindness and friendliness of my colleagues. 

Sylvia Simons , Tea Lady

I really enjoy working at Millers.  They look after us by encouraging participation in both the office and external activities, creating a fantastic atmosphere. This is why there are a number of staff members with over 10 years of service. 

Joy Gargan , Conveyancing Sectretary

Millers has a culture different to other legal firms. Their strong, ethical character is reflected in how much they care about us as employees, as much as they care about clients and the community. I joined Millers almost nine years ago, and still continue to learn new things, meet different people, and grow as a person outside of my career. I learn from the best in the field I specialise in, and for that, I am grateful.

Corne Nunns , Associate

I am extremely proud to be part of Millers. We are a supportive and knowledgeable team, and every employee’s voice is heard. This not only motivates us to give our best, but drives us towards achieving excellent client gratification.

Marijke Theron , Litigation Secretary