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The Millers Inc. mission is simple, straightforward and uncompromising: "To provide cost effective, integrated, and specialist legal services to our clients”.

We adhere to our mission to uphold our reputation of excellence as a firm of specialists.

Originally founded by Solly Miller in 1931, the firm was joined by Felix Harris in 1957 with the primary goal of building a legal practice of excellence. Accomplishing this goal, the firm incorporated in 1993, and joined the Phatshoane Henney Group in 2008.

We Care – Your business is our business

Because we value our clients, our broad range of law expertise offered to you ensure that it is our business to understand and cater to your needs.

Innovation - Our innovation gives you the edge

We train and develop our team to stimulate innovation, increase creativity and boost problem solving skills, in addition to motivating job performance. This is encapsulated as our vital human resource management strategy.

Standards - Our standards, your safety net

Our top priority is to maintain a safety net when advising our clients. This is why Millers Inc. accesses prevalent, up-to-date resources to give solutions of leading standards.

Being a part of the Phatshoane Henney Group further improves the quality of these standards.

Expertise - Experts who simplify law

As an expert team of passionate law specialists, we strive to transform law complications to help simplify your journey from start to completion.

Diversity - A broader perspective

We understand that diverse clients have differing needs, and we embrace this broader perspective to create environments where your diverse voices are heard, appreciated and contented.

Celebrating our 90th year of service to the community!!

Celebrating our 90th year of service to the community!!